Our Services


Legislative Advocacy

TBG's legislative and policy experts understand how to translate client goals into successful policy positions that enhance our lobbying efforts. With a senior staff of former elected officials, and legislative policy aides, we know how to frame the issues and communicate effectively with public officials.

TBG's extensive legislative experience and relationships allow us to provide our clients with a range of lobbying services and expertise, including:

  • Drafting, filing, and amending legislation
  • Preparing strategies and testimony for public hearings,
  • Monitoring legislation and legislative calendars
  • Advocating for legislation, shaping policy, creating funding opportunities, and assembling coalitions

Direct lobbying also includes advising and counseling clients on the implications of legislative and regulatory actions that may affect them, preparing clients for consequent actions, and developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy in the Legislative and Executive branches of government to enhance the success of our clients. At TBG, we work closely with our clients to understand their goals and explore a variety of solutions before action. We create in-depth strategic plans tailored to our clients' unique goals, while staying consistent with their organizational culture.

State and Federal Agency Regulations

Our team has the knowledge and relationships to create solutions at all levels of government - from municipal and city to the statewide and federal level.

TBG's legal experts specialize in a broad range of regulatory services, including advocacy, compliance, and simulations. We know that legislative issues are often influenced by the Executive Branch of state government. TBG understands the Executive Branch's role in the process, and knows when and what kind of action to anticipate. We have the necessary knowledge, relationships, and experience to address issues with immediacy.

Through regulatory simulations and forecasts, TBG helps its clients anticipate, identify, and assess the impact of possible legislative and regulatory actions. In today's global economy with instant communications, we know that a swift reaction is often not fast enough. That's why we offer our clients the information they need to see beyond today and chart a sure course into the future.

Grassroots Development & Coalition Management

A comprehensive and coordinated grassroots campaign is often an essential component of issue advocacy. TBG's grassroots experts can service all aspects of an advocacy campaign, from grassroots development to coalition management. TBG has the knowledge, experience, and relationships to build the right coalitions to compliment any public affairs campaign.

TBG integrates comprehensive grassroots efforts into larger legislative campaigns for maximum efficiency. We help our clients identify, target, and communicate with the constituents that matter most - customers, peer industry leaders, interest groups and local officials - to raise our clients' positive public profile and build bridges of support for our lobbying projects.

TBG creates and engages allies, organizes public meetings, motivates voters, and educates constituents. Our skill and hard work transforms our clients' challenges into political opportunities.

Real Estate: Land Use, Development, Permitting

TBG offers our clients extensive experience in real estate regulatory and development projects. We have successfully guided projects in Boston and adjacent communities through the permitting and zoning processes.

TBG's team includes legal experts with decades of experience managing real estate projects including mixed use development, commercial and multi-family residential complexes, transit oriented projects, and redevelopment ventures.

Our real estate experts coordinate relationships with engineers and contractors, assist in navigating through permitting, planning, and zoning issues; and represent clients before administrative agencies. Our close work with community, local, state, and institutional leaders distinguishes TBG's reputation as one of the area's most effective zoning and development consultants.